Aircraft Charter

With over 120 aircraft charter operators having over 350 aircraft in India alone, it becomes difficult for you to find the right aircraft in the right place at the right time and at the right price. This can only be done by an organization that has a network vast enough to guarantee availability 365 days a year with a response time of less than 6-hours.

At F4S, we offer you aircraft for the below mentioned flying needs:

  • Passenger charters (movement of VIPs/CIPs/Dignitaries/ Corporate)

  • Film shoot and aerial photography

  • Cargo charters

  • Air ambulance

  • Corporate promotions

  • Election campaigning

  • Special events such as flower dropping and fly-pasts

  • Aerial surveys

Why choose F4S ?

  • Access to multiple aircraft: Aircraft operations operate only a few specific aircraft which may not always meet your requirement. Our consultants have current market knowledge on various types of aircraft available in that particular location.

  • Unbiased service providing only the aircraft most suited to the client’s requirement.

  • With us, you gain easy coordination of complex multiple sectors with numerous operators.

  • Accurate and reliable travel times are calculated by our trained helicopter and aircraft charter consultants based on the cruise speed of that particular aircraft. Therefore more accurate quotes on time can be negotiated by us with the operator.

  • More competitive rates.

  • Single point of contact as against calling different operators each time..

  • Free of cost consultations and quotes.

  • Focus on core responsibility by outsourcing this service to the experts in the industry.